Viki – TV, Movies & Music [3.45 MB]
Updated:2014-08-07  Downloads:41550
Watch the best TV shows, movies, music videos and other premium content in high quality, translated into more than 150 languages by a community of avid fans. Top titles include the hottest Korean dramas, Japanese anime, American cartoons, NB...
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Ultra Voice Changer [1.43 MB]
Updated:2013-01-17  Downloads:3746
If you get abnormal playback results, even with the Normal voice effect, your device may not be able to record properly in stereo mode. To rule this out, within the app, try selecting the 44100 mono (or 22050 mono) recording mode, via Menu-...
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MovieTube:Free Full Movies [1.55 MB]
Updated:2015-04-09  Downloads:3471
MovieTube is a missing channel on YouTube for Free Full Length Movies. It manages free movies in 14 languages including: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Thai and Malay...
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FVD - Free Video Downloader [406 KB]
Updated:2012-12-29  Downloads:3694
Free Video Downloader allows you to download lots of videos from the web! ! YOUTUBE IS NOT SUPPORTED DUE TO THEIR TERMS OF SERVICE ! - More than 5 million downloads - TOP 50 Android tools - More than 15 million videos dowloaded - Tr...
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TV Portal - Stream TV & Movies [1.22 MB]
Updated:2012-12-22  Downloads:3845
TV Portal gives you easy access to 1000’s of TV Shows and Movies on your Android device. Within seconds of downloading, you will be able to watch free TV streams and free Movies. It’s that simple. ...
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HD Film Izle [1.47 MB]
Updated:2012-12-08  Downloads:1592
HD Film Izle 2500+ filmi aninda izlemenize yarar. Üstelik her gün film arşivi büyüyor. Filmler arasinda Yerli, Yabanci, Altyazili ve dublaj secenekleri mevcut. Filmler hergun aksam saat 8-9 gibi update ediliyor. Ayarlardan otomatik g...
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Live TV for Android [1.07 MB]
Updated:2012-11-18  Downloads:5528
Free Live television for your mobile device. Watch over 100 live TV channels including music, movies, sports, cartoons, news and more, including: BBC Four, Fox 8 News, Swimsuit TV, Ultimate Anime TV, and many more....
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SeriesGuide Show Manager 2.9.3 [2.14 MB]
Updated:2012-11-01  Downloads:1934
Manage the progress of (re-)watching your favorite TV shows. To support future development consider buying SeriesGuide X. Manage the progress of (re-)watching your favorite TV shows. See what is coming up, keep track of what to watch n...
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Fingerprint Scanner 1.4 [1.64 MB]
Updated:2012-10-11  Downloads:2845
This app is like a real finger scanner, fingerprint security app or a fingerprint lock; but it cannot act as a fingerprint lockscreen for your phone as this doesnt work like a locker app....
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Fingerprint Scanner FREE 3.4 [1.79 MB]
Updated:2012-09-30  Downloads:3838
Unlock your android phone with your "fingerprint"! The new v3.0 version supports all kinds of resolution, save more battery and much easier to use! When the FingerPrint screen pops up, touch your finger to the screen to be "scanned" fo...
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IMDb Movies & TV [3.72 MB]
Updated:2017-05-15  Downloads:3770
Search the world's largest collection: · Over 2 million movie and TV titles · Over 4 million celebrities, actors, actresses, directors and other crew members Rate: · Rate movies and TV shows · Sign in with your IMDb account or you...
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