Actual Movie Trailers [5.73 MB]
Updated:2013-07-27  Downloads:3104
Don’t ever waste time by searching for newest trailers from different sources, we can do that for you. Watch trailers on you android smartphone or tablet wherever you have internet access. In bed, lying on a couch, on the way to work or du...
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Air Call-Accept [382.4 KB]
Updated:2013-08-10  Downloads:2098
With this app, you can effortlessly answer your phone without even touching it! With this app, you can effortlessly answer or reject your phone calls without even touching it! Using the proximity sensor on your phone, it detects when y...
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American Live TV HD [8.2 MB]
Updated:2013-10-25  Downloads:5392
The best and the more complete application of the American (USA) channels....
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Bell Fibe TV [17.13 MB]
Updated:2016-02-18  Downloads:1911
The Fibe TV app from Bell is a free app that brings pretty much everything you love about TV to your tablet and smartphone....
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Bitmoji - Emoji by Bitstrips [6.07 MB]
Updated:2014-12-04  Downloads:845
Bitmoji is your own personal emoji!Create an expressive cartoon avatar. Choose from a growing library of moods, stickers and comic scenes - featuring ...
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Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji [28.35 MB]
Updated:2017-11-14  Downloads:1763
Design yourself as a Bitstrips character and generate emoji for use in messaging apps (or wherever)...
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Call Voice Changer - IntCall [6.24 MB]
Updated:2016-11-28  Downloads:2607
-- The funniest app in the world! -- Want to have some fun with your friends over phone calls? Change your voice in real time and add crazy sound effects the next time you're on the phone with Call Voice Changer - IntCall. ...
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CineTrailer Movie [4.3 MB]
Updated:2013-12-24  Downloads:7883
★ Movie Showtimes now available for UK, Ireland, Germany and Italy ★ ★ NOTE: English movie listings refer to UK market ★ shows the latest updates about movies you can find in cinemas and on DVD....
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Updated:2013-11-27  Downloads:4551
Cliffhanger is an app designed especially for TV fans, with specific attention to simplicity and a user-friendly design. We are sure that using Cliffhanger will improve the way you manage your TV schedule. Enjoy!...
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Eros Now: Watch Hindi Movies [27.41 MB]
Updated:2016-02-25  Downloads:2208
Enjoy Bollywood and regional Indian movies, TV shows, music and music videos anywhere you go...
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FaceQ [17.52 MB]
Updated:2016-09-15  Downloads:3091
FaceQ allows you to create cartoon avatars by choosing different face parts and selecting your favorite attributes. The interface easily allows you to personalize your avatars and spend a long time choosing the best features so it resembles ...
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