My Diet Diary Calorie Counter [31.79 MB]
Updated:2015-04-30  Downloads:6263
Lose weight faster with My Diet Diary, your weight loss sidekick! Track food, exercise, weight, cholesterol, nutrition data and more, whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain weight. ...
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Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal [29.1 MB]
Updated:2016-03-10  Downloads:1616
This useful application helps you control your diet in an easy way. You need to register in order to use it, by adding your current and goal weight, your sex, height, birthday and daily activity. ...
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Fitness - Home & Gym Workouts [21.49 MB]
Updated:2015-12-18  Downloads:13268
VirtuaGym Fitness Home & Gym is a useful application that helps you stay fit by proposing a list of workouts and exercises to do during the day....
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Runtastic Push-Ups [12.02 MB]
Updated:2014-11-04  Downloads:2618
Your personal push-up trainer that helps you reach your exercise and strength training goals with an efficient, easy-to-follow plan....
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Abs workout [8.2 MB]
Updated:2016-02-10  Downloads:4512
Application contains workout schedule to perform in 42 days - no shortcuts - known as Aerobic Weider Six (Aerobic Six of Weider). Daily ab workout contains 6 exercises to perform everyday to get perfect 6pack. ...
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Run with Map My Run [16.59 MB]
Updated:2014-11-04  Downloads:3435
Winner: Best Running App 2012 Reader's Choice at Built to help runners, joggers, and walkers of all ability levels and ages. ...
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miCoach train & run [47.64 MB]
Updated:2014-10-07  Downloads:1709
Turn your phone into a personal coach; miCoach is your smart running compagnion on Android phones. The app uses GPS and real-time voice coaching to pace you through your exercise regardless whether you are indoors or outdoors. ...
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Strava Running and Cycling GPS [22.11 MB]
Updated:2014-12-23  Downloads:1308
“The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Fitness” -Fast Company Track your runs and rides with GPS, join Challenges and see how your running and riding compares with friends. TRACK YOUR RUNS AND RIDES WITH GPS...
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Music Therapy for Sound Sleep [15.92 MB]
Updated:2016-02-25  Downloads:4047
Music Therapy for Sound Sleep is an android music application based on the famous EEG to optimize human brains. For a necessary sound sleep, Low Speed Alpha Wave set in this app will comfort your mind, assisting you to fall asleep smoothly....
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Quit smoking - QuitNow! [5.63 MB]
Updated:2015-08-20  Downloads:4593
Unfortunately you'll soon discover that's not a bowl of cherries. However, when it comes to stop smoking, power of will and motivation is everything....
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Runtastic Heart Rate [8.99 MB]
Updated:2014-01-27  Downloads:5240
Check your heart rate anytime, anywhere - when you wake up, before and after exercise, or before a big meeting. The Runtastic Heart Rate App will measure your heartbeat with great accuracy, using your smartphone camera sensor!...
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