TickTick: To-do List, Reminder [9.92 MB]
Updated:2017-03-21  Downloads:1935
TickTick is a simple and effective to-do list & task management app which helps you make schedules, manage time and keep life organized for work, home and everywhere else. ...
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Sleep Cycle alarm clock [18.98 MB]
Updated:2017-02-17  Downloads:1419
An intuitive way to wake up....
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Feed Baby - Breastfeeding [20.51 MB]
Updated:2017-01-13  Downloads:2316
An app to track your kid's progress...
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myTaste Recipes [6.84 MB]
Updated:2016-12-23  Downloads:1331
Be The Chef You Always Wanted To Be...
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AlarmMon [15.97 MB]
Updated:2016-12-17  Downloads:4332
A much more entertaining morning wake up alarm...
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Duolingo: Learn Languages Free [27.1 MB]
Updated:2016-10-14  Downloads:1515
This is the official Android app of the well-known language learning web platform...
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Flashlight on Clap [2.78 MB]
Updated:2016-11-08  Downloads:3488
Featuring a simple and straightforward UI, you’ll be able to turn on your flashlight just by clapping...
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Fitness Meal Planner [34.12 MB]
Updated:2016-08-29  Downloads:1665
Simplify your fitness or bodybuilding meal planning process with Fitness Meal Planner. Fitness Meal Planner automatically calculates your macro needs and builds a meal plan in seconds to complement your workout!...
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Water Drink Reminder [8.98 MB]
Updated:2016-07-30  Downloads:3966
Sets a water intake target, and tracks your intake....
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Speed camera radar [4.31 MB]
Updated:2016-07-30  Downloads:2611
This application is used to detect hazards on the road, such as speed cameras (mobile ambush, static speed cameras, red light cameras), speed bumps, bad roads and etc....
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Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep [29.69 MB]
Updated:2016-07-18  Downloads:1955
Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep for Android is an amazing health app, allowing you to cure insomnia and increase your quality of sleep....
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