Fitness Meal Planner [34.12 MB]
Updated:2016-08-29  Downloads:1681
Simplify your fitness or bodybuilding meal planning process with Fitness Meal Planner. Fitness Meal Planner automatically calculates your macro needs and builds a meal plan in seconds to complement your workout!...
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Water Drink Reminder [8.98 MB]
Updated:2016-07-30  Downloads:3982
Sets a water intake target, and tracks your intake....
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Speed camera radar [4.31 MB]
Updated:2016-07-30  Downloads:2631
This application is used to detect hazards on the road, such as speed cameras (mobile ambush, static speed cameras, red light cameras), speed bumps, bad roads and etc....
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Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep [29.69 MB]
Updated:2016-07-18  Downloads:1968
Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep for Android is an amazing health app, allowing you to cure insomnia and increase your quality of sleep....
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Home Security Camera - Alfred [8.22 MB]
Updated:2016-05-17  Downloads:2546
Connectivity issues and frequent crashing plague this otherwise easy to use home surveillance app....
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Baby Daybook - daily tracker [9.48 MB]
Updated:2016-05-17  Downloads:2458
The perfect baby tracker app for tracking daily activity of your newborn easily. With this handy app baby tracking will be simple and painless. Forget pen and paper. Have everything logged on your phone and synced with all baby caregivers. ...
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Period Calendar, Cycle Tracker [8.46 MB]
Updated:2017-10-09  Downloads:2428
Period Calendar is an extremely elegant and easy-to-use application that helps women keep track of periods, cycle, ovulation, and fertile days. Whether you are concerned about conceiving, birth control, contraception, or regularity of period...
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Fitness & Bodybuilding [31.9 MB]
Updated:2016-05-10  Downloads:4029
Fitness & Bodybuilding - This app will allow you to achieve great results, within a short period of time. This App allows you to create your own program that will fit your needs. In addition, Fitness & Bodybuilding is an extensive database o...
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Drivvo – Car management [10.36 MB]
Updated:2016-03-31  Downloads:1755
Drivvo is the best application for your vehicle’s management expenses. ...
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AliExpress Shopping App [11.19 MB]
Updated:2016-03-18  Downloads:4961
This is the official app for AliExpress the global e-commerce shopping platform. ...
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XE Currency [4.6 MB]
Updated:2016-02-10  Downloads:2999
XE Currency is the official currency & precious metals converter of the well-known
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