Forza Football [11.32 MB]
Updated:2017-11-27  Downloads:13951
Live scores and push notifications, opinion polls and video highlights for more than 420 soccer leagues and cups around the world. ...
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Nike+ Run Club [40.41 MB]
Updated:2017-02-02  Downloads:2871
Record your running distance and set new limits for your health goals...
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Runtastic Road Bike [10.2 MB]
Updated:2015-10-08  Downloads:3952
Take your cycling to a new level with Runtastic! Road Bike is the ultimate, road biking performance app, which transforms your smartphone into the best bike computer on the market – with over 50 cycle features, compatible velo hardware, an...
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runtastic pro android 3.3.4 [8.11 MB]
Updated:2012-08-20  Downloads:2641
Your personal tracking app for running, biking and other sports activities! Take your fitness to a new level with runtastic. runtastic uses GPS to map your fitness activities - running, biking, walking - and track your progress (distance, ...
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Soccer / Football Live Scores 3.1.1 [1.18 MB]
Updated:2012-09-18  Downloads:2591
Livescores even of Japan's 2nd league? We've it all! Like betting? Here you go! Worldwide scores and free push notifications! Standings, Top-Scorers, Chat and Betting challenges. Soccer Livescores was the first Livescore App in the Market...
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PlayUp 3.0.1 [9.9 MB]
Updated:2012-07-12  Downloads:1120
Pick your sport, invite your friends and hang out during the live action. Love talking with your friends about sport? Then you'll love PlayUp, the only social network dedicated to fans of live sport....
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Sit Ups pro [2.08 MB]
Updated:2013-06-18  Downloads:1643
How to use: Hold your phone above the chest with two hands. Tip: Since Android OS limitation, please install on your Phone instead of SD card if need notification work normal after restart phone....
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ScoreMobile [1.9 MB]
Updated:2015-01-06  Downloads:519
Your dedicated football app with 100+ competitions including: EURO 2012 ! ScoreMobile FC is your ultimate home for EURO 2012! ScoreMobile FC has complete coverage of over 100+ football leagues and competitions, including Euro 2012, 2012 Lon...
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Sports Tracker [12.47 MB]
Updated:2016-06-10  Downloads:2808
There are two ways to keep motivated on your weekly workout: see the results of your effort and share your achievements with friends. ...
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WatchESPN [17.32 MB]
Updated:2017-04-14  Downloads:2914
For sports fans, ESPN is one of the best live streaming apps around...
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Soccer Scores - FotMob [16.33 MB]
Updated:2016-03-24  Downloads:4991
If you cannot help checking updates on your team, opponents, leagues and cups every other minute, that means your love for football/soccer goes far beyond the scores briefing. If so, you will be glad to read that there's an app for you....
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