Agent, Run! [37.2 MB]
Updated:2014-11-20  Downloads:685
Agent, Run! is an unconventional runner game with innovative gameplay mechanics. Let obstacles explode and clear the way for our agent with a swipe of your finger. Unlock 4 different levels and fight your way through the island with funny g...
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French's World 2 [7.5 MB]
Updated:2014-12-04  Downloads:978
Croissant? Checked. Moustache? Checked. New adventure in French’s World 2? Alright! Are you ready for the comeback of the most famous Moustache in the Android Market?...
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Ninja Killer: Zombies Run [18.03 MB]
Updated:2016-06-21  Downloads:2793
A new ninja-themed running game made by the top game developing team! ! ! Great graphics! Smooth game control! Many distinctive game characters! ! !...
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Vector [43.1 MB]
Updated:2014-10-22  Downloads:8497
Vector is an exciting, arcade-style game featuring you as the exceptional free runner who won’t be held down by the system. ...
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Wipeout 2 [16 MB]
Updated:2014-10-09  Downloads:3528
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AntiSquad Tactics [17 MB]
Updated:2014-09-19  Downloads:4830
AntiSquad Tactics gives you various missions, including infiltration, escape, elimination, assault, and a whole lot more! Sometimes it might even seem like there’s no way out, but trust us, there’s always a solution! A little bit of cunn...
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Chaos Fighters [48.99 MB]
Updated:2014-08-26  Downloads:1993
Chaos Fighters is a battle action game in which you need to train to become the master fighter of the world....
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Temple Run 2 [48.61 MB]
Updated:2017-03-12  Downloads:205507
A mobile game which has reached over 170 million download isn't just a game, it's a phenomenon....
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Street Fight Hero 2014 [13.33 MB]
Updated:2014-08-06  Downloads:1653
The most popular fighting game in 2014 is coming!!! Gorgeous Pictures and cool skills!!!...
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Storm of Darkness [29.49 MB]
Updated:2014-08-05  Downloads:1765
You are one of the latest warriors of the sky citadel of Meredith which one was the most secure of all the Union's great cities. Now it's occupied by hordes of aliens trying to destroy it. You must swear blood to keep them away and grant the...
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Sea Stars [25.33 MB]
Updated:2014-09-08  Downloads:2056
One touch controls are all you need to guide the incredible Sea Stars through a sea full of coins and underwater dangers. Dive deep to pick up speed and leap from the water to somersault and avoid the angry jellies and rocket crabs along you...
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