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Samsung to unveil Galaxy S6 Edge suggest leaked images Android News

Samsung to unveil Galaxy S6 Edge suggest leaked images

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Samsung may indeed outfit one model of its upcoming Galaxy S6 phone with a display that wraps slightly over one side, assuming images leaked on a developers forum are the real deal.

Images posted Thursday on the xda-developers forum claim to display two Galaxy S6 phones side by side. One image shows the backs of the two phones, which doesn't tell us much since the devices look similar from that view. But the second image clearly reveals one phone with at least one side of the screen curving over the edge, adopting a feature found on Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge.

Samsung's current Galaxy S5 has faced criticism for being too similar in design to the S4. Hit by competition from Chinese vendors with low-cost phones and on the high end from Apple with its big-screened iPhone 6 lineup, Samsung has watched its sales and market share tumble. The company needs a sure-fire hit with the Galaxy S6 and a killer feature that can lure smartphone consumers.

A tweaked display could be a killer feature. However, the edge on the so-called "Galaxy S6 Edge" shown in the leaked image appears smaller than the one on the Note Edge. The side on the Note Edge can display icons, notifications and other items separate from content seen on the main screen. But the side seen in the image appears to simply stretch the front screen a little bit around the edge, suggesting that it may only serve to provide a bit more real estate to show your main content.

As always, images leaked online should be taken with a grain of salt. But a promo shot posted by T-Mobile earlier this week showed a Samsung phone with a curved display and the tagline "Six Appeal," almost certainly touting the Galaxy S6. Whether the edge on the purported Galaxy S6 Edge will simply be an extension of the front screen or will act independently (or both) is an open question, but not for long. Samsung is expected to unveil its new Galaxy S6 on Sunday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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