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iPhone Black Go Launcher Theme

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This is a theme for Go Launcher Ex. Kindly download Go Launcher Ex first before downloading the theme.

Theme Created by Sam1374 for eSeth.net. Kindly visit http://eseth.net for more Android themes, wallpapers and ringtones. Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/esethnet

Instructions on how to apply theme:
1. Do Not open app directly after it has been installed, it will just force close because this is a theme and not an app.
2. Go to Go Laucher EX - Menu > Themes
3. Choose and apply theme

Changelog (v2.0):

(FIX) Force close issues

Recent changes:
Changelog (v2.0):

(FIX) Force close issues

Content rating: Everyone


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  • android theme
  • android theme
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Theme Size: 2.25 MB Free
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Changelog for iPhone Black Go Launcher Theme
  • New New version 2.0 released on Sep 18,2013
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