Android PinkyFox theme
Click:9257   Time:2012-06-15
Description: Step 1: Install Panda Home on your phone firstly. Step 2: Put the downloaded .apt theme package to any directory of SD card. Step 3: Tap “MENU” under Panda Home Settings interface and select “Add Theme”, and then open...
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ArmaBoing New
Click:1117   Time:2012-06-15
A fun game FOR YOUR KIDS. Startle and challenge your friends with this fun multiplayer and multitouch game ! Play together on the same phone at the same time against each other ! Keywords : KIDS, CHILDREN, CHILD GAME ** v11.00 - ...
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iPhone to run Android mobile operating system
Click:1105   Time:2013-12-14
How to update rooted Android phone with CyanogenMod Updater,Android Games video ,Android play videos,Android video,Android videos,google Android videos,android video app...
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Google expands Android apps, no mention of UAE
Click:130   Time:2010-10-03
Until now, only apps from nine countries could be purchased from the Android Market, and then it was only to the 14 countries which were allowed paid-for apps. But that’s all changed, with Google now allowing developers of the 29 eligible ...
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Cute Animals theme
Click:14467   Time:2012-06-15
Description: In aHome cupcake version (above 2.0.0), we removed theme zip support because we support place single theme apk into sd card now. Theme zip is not easy to edit for normal user so we abandon it. You can set a theme root dir...
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Android Barcelona theme
Click:91915   Time:2012-06-15
Android Barcelona theme,Android Barcelona theme free screenshots,Android Barcelona theme free download, football themes for android...
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Android Ubuntu Brown Theme
Click:89295   Time:2012-06-15
Supported ROM(s) This theme is made to work for: Cyanogen's v4.2.4 Features: * Éclair Icons **Stericson's New Lockscreen ***Advanced Launcher Log: New Bootscreen Minor color changes Transparent pull down Other misc cha...
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Fire Dragon take-off best free android themes by using the P
Click:10480   Time:2012-06-15
This is one of all time best themes for android. Please place the download document in any directory of SD (create a THEME folder is the best), and then load the theme by using the PandaHome-the theme of landscaping software....
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Mechanical themes
Click:10301   Time:2012-06-15
Step 1: Install Panda Home on your phonefirstly. Step 2: Put the downloaded .apt theme package to any directory of SD card. (Note: if the downloaded file is a .zip archive, please modify its extension to .apt manually) Step 3: Tap “MENU”...
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Android Continuum Dark
Click:3458   Time:2012-06-15
Our buddy armoredraven has released the new Continuum, a dark android theme. It’s based CyanogenMod And the Continuum theme features: Search Widget, Custom Dialer, Notification Icons, Launcher, Analog Clock, Notification Tab, Mus...
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Simple blue android theme
Click:3960   Time:2012-06-15
This theme MUST BE USED WITH AHOME/AHOME LITE, please make sure the ahome installed before this theme is installed....
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Android Hello Kitty
Click:295665   Time:2012-06-15
This is a HelloKitty Theme for the GDE home replacement software...
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Google Android: Android Market Share Increased ‎
Click:159   Time:2010-09-20
Google Android smartphone market shares have increased from 12% to 17% in US, Apple and RIM shares are dropped slightly. Though Android platform is still lagging behind first place RIM and second place Apple in smartphone market, Android ha...
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Android Continues Creeping on BlackBerry,iPhone
Click:210   Time:2010-09-20
Although Apple is still selling its new iPhone 4 by the boatload, it's actually losing out on market share as Android surges with greater strength every day....
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HTC prepping Android 3.0 Tablet for 2011
Click:152   Time:2010-09-17
Buzz about HTC-Google collaboration for a tablet has sparked over the web again. A few Taiwan based component makers have tipped DigiTimes that HTC is planning to launch Google Android 3.0 running tablet computer by next year. Well, we did see this c...
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