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SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool
Click:43883   Time:2015-11-12
Without root, functionality is limited given that SD Maid won't have access to all necessary directories. Even if got a rooted devices, use it at own risk. This is a Android system cleaner that cleans even the most remote corners. And tha...
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Clean Master
Click:10793   Time:2015-07-09
What is Clean Master? Clean Master is a Must Have cleaner app for android users. It provides comprehensive cleaning methods to clean cache, unused files, privacy history and app packages on android phones. It also kills running tasks and re...
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Click:35089   Time:2015-02-05
You wanna be more pretty ? R you worried about your facial wrinkles, pimples? Do you want to customize natural and elegant photo for facebook, or other social sites? PicBeauty brings your wishes to reality!!! ...
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Click:15607   Time:2014-09-29
Root... that magic word. Being root is nothing but having superuser access to your device. The range of actions you can perform with such administrator permissions is just huge and this isn't the place where to list all of them. However, one...
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Air Patriots
Click:6919   Time:2014-09-02
Air Patriots redefines tower defense games with fun drawing controls! Amazon Game Studios presents: Air Patriots! Air Patriots redefines tower defense games with unique drawing controls, and "towers" that take flight! In Air Patriots,...
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Night Mode
Click:13882   Time:2014-02-08
Night Mode's main goal is to reduce the brightness of your screen lower than you can achieve with the default settings. This application applies an overlay filter that acts as a dimmer to darken the screen and ensure your eyes don't hurt....
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90night: SleepyTime Calculator
Click:9997   Time:2013-12-31
Do you ever find yourself waking up feeling cranky even though you had a decent amount of sleep? Or have you taken a nap and felt great one time yet felt horrible another time? The reason for such scenarios is that you most likely woke...
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Optimize Master: Speed + space
Click:10250   Time:2013-09-25
Close idle app processes with a single tap and take back the processing power they're consuming so your phone is exclusively focused on the apps you want to run! You'll notice the difference right away on the handy CPU meter display. If ther...
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Inotia 4
Click:63052   Time:2013-09-22
Stride along with Kiyan, the Shadow Tribe's virtuoso, and Eara, the influential Channel of Light, in their fantasy adventure story. With improved graphics and storyline from the previous series, get indulged in the battles against goblins, ...
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Soul GO Reward Theme
Click:558178   Time:2013-08-27
Brand new theme for GO Launcher !...
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Reign of Dragons: Build-Battle
Click:12973   Time:2013-08-14
Who will be the next Dragon King? CONQUEST, LEVEL UP, and EVOLVE epic dragon cards!...
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VALL go launcher EX theme 1.0
Click:9168   Time:2012-09-18
VALL go launcher theme in exhibit PC game of some of the unique feel. The theme with concise icons and some sense of vicissitudes background to bring you a concise simple use experience. Simple icon with mild texture frame line and a dark ba...
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