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Magic Piano
Click:4262   Time:2016-04-16
Magic Piano, now on Google Play! From Bruno Mars to Mozart, play the hottest songs on the #1 piano game, now available on Android! Get free songs every day and enjoy the best song catalog of any piano app. Join the over 13 million Magic Pia...
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Click:16889   Time:2014-06-03
REAL PLAYERS. REAL TEAMS. REAL LEAGUES. Welcome to the most authentic football game for Android smartphones and tablets. ...
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電視連續劇 (最新台劇、韓劇、大陸劇、日劇)
Click:13582   Time:2013-02-22
有什麼好看電視連續劇?找不到哪裡可以看?通勤時除了玩遊戲還能? 隨時掌握連續劇資訊,並輕鬆觀賞,讓您不再錯過。 提供最新的台劇、日劇、韓劇、大陸劇、偶像劇播放,總共...
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Fingerprint Scanner 1.4
Click:10766   Time:2012-10-11
This app is like a real finger scanner, fingerprint security app or a fingerprint lock; but it cannot act as a fingerprint lockscreen for your phone as this doesnt work like a locker app....
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Rule the Kingdom 3.02
Click:6424   Time:2012-09-24
Rule the Kingdom: fantastic RPG action, city-building, farming and storytelling! *NEW!* EPIC UPDATE: Experience the unbelievable New Campaign and Raids in the Desert Kingdom! Earn reputation and unlock brand new items on THE ARENA. CRAFT ...
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WiFi OnOff 2.2.0
Click:4273   Time:2012-08-13
Simple WiFi toggle widget (1x1). Allows you On/Off your WiFi with only 1 click. RE ADD WIDGET AFTER UPDATE!!! Check our OnOff Widgets Pack! All widgets in one with skin support! WRITE EMAIL WITH DETAILS IF SOMETHING NOT WORKING, DO...
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Better FlashLight HD + LED 1.8
Click:5716   Time:2012-08-13
Better Flashlight ☀ : the simple, beautiful, free flashlight application. Turns your Android Phone into a handy flashlight. ───────────────────── Presenting the BEST and MOST Unique Way to use yo...
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TalkBack 3.0.2
Click:10707   Time:2012-08-05
TalkBack provides spoken feedback for eyes-free computing TalkBack, Kickback, and SoundBack are apps for the Android Accessibility Service to help blind and vision-impaired users use their devices more easily....
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Network Signal Info 1.66.3
Click:2964   Time:2012-08-01
Detailed network information. "Network Signal Info" provides detailed information over the currently used network, whether WiFi or cellular connection....
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GSam Battery Monitor 2.14
Click:2994   Time:2012-08-01
Formerly known as Badass Battery Monitor, GSam Battery Monitor still lives up to its former name: * Status bar notification for battery state and time left estimates * Detailed display of what is using your battery * Lists showing app usa...
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Smart Tools 1.1
Click:4019   Time:2012-07-28
“All in one” application, which consists of a set of 7 powerful tools for Android. It includes: 1. Flashlight It gives you the possibility of using the LED flash of your Smartphone. If the Smartphone is not equipped with a flashli...
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Safari To Go 1.0.1
Click:4079   Time:2012-07-26
Safari Books Online is a digital library providing on-demand subscription access to thousands of books, videos & interactive learning tools from the world's leading publishers -- anytime, anywhere. ...
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Funny SMS Ringtones 1.1
Click:3026   Time:2012-07-26
Funny Ringtones for SMS, alarm, or a funnny ringtone sound! Funny SMS Ringtones features unique funny sounds perfect for a funny text alert or notification. Easily set any of these funny ringtones for your SMS, alert, notification, text m...
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Coin Pirates 1.1.1
Click:3458   Time:2012-07-17
Here we come, Coin Pirates! Drop coins & win jackpots! Get tons of treasures!! Thank you for waiting!! You've passed Lv. 50... and found the treasure of the pirate ship! It's time for a new collection☆ Next is the hidden treasure of ...
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Springpad 3.1.3
Click:2312   Time:2012-07-13
Smart Notebooks - Save, Share and Act on what's important to you Springpad’s smart notebooks make it easy to save, share, and get things done. Use it for yourself, collaborate with others, or create public notebooks to share....
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